2020.09.09 About class

TED Speech Discussion Day Ⅲ


そのような“互いから学ぶこと”、“つながり”を大切にするVERITASにとって大事なイベントの一つであるのがTED Speech Discussion Dayです。先日、social distance、マスク着用等、コロナウィルス感染対策を十分に行った上で、第3回目となるDiscussion Dayを開催しました。今回のディスカッションの内容は「whyから始めよ!」という本の著者としても有名なSimon Sinek の「How great leaders inspire action」という題のTEDスピーチを取り上げました。




Veritas Coach

Mai Kawano

When Mai was in university, she studied in the U.S. as an exchange student for one year. Through this experience, Mai got aware of her love for studying, expanding her vision, and working with a diverse group of people. After working at an international airport handling of global logistics system, Mai decided to join VERITAS to follow her passion for supporting people by combining her love for English with the knowledge that she gained through her past experience. Seeing students and other coaches’ efforts continually motivates Mai. As a coach at VERITAS, Mai is eager to be a person who can encourage people around her. Thanks to the VERITAS team, Mai is able to learn about other cultures from her fellow coaches while communicating with students and improving her global communication skills. Mai is very grateful to be a member of the VERITAS team and thrilled at opportunities of growing together with the members of VERITAS.