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電話の相手: “Hi, is Mary there? It’s Ka… Jo….”

この “…”の部分が聞き取れない。そして、

自分: “I’m afraid that she is not at home right now. Can I take any message?”

相手: “Year, just tell her to give me a call at xxx-yyy-zzzz. Thanks!”







この顧客を担当するニューヨークのセールスから、どのようにこの買い注文を執行してほしいかという顧客からの指示が書いてあります。例えば、”carefully and complete、and call the client.” (注意を払いながら執行し、全株買い終えること。顧客に電話をいれよ。)

この ”carefully” とは、株価の動きに注意しながら買っていく事を意味しています。




Veritas Coach

Mikiya Mori

Mikiya was born and raised in Gifu. He was fascinated to learn English when he was in junior high school. He practiced English words and sentences every day because he wanted to go to America. At college, he earned a study abroad opportunity in Seattle. His American experience really opened his eyes. As for career, he worked at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in the equities division for 18 years in Tokyo, London, and New York. In his 40s, he pursued a Doctor of Education degree in the Unites States to prepare himself for a career in education. Back in Tokyo, he managed an MBA program for mid-career managers as the program director for 12 years at Temple University. For many years, he wanted to help Japanese business professionals to be able to express themselves confidently in English and develop global mindset. Those qualities brought him many opportunities so now he wants to give back to society. Mikiya discovered Veritas whose mission matched with his passion. He believes in lifelong learning and hopes to contribute to students by sharing his experience. With the help of strong team, he is excited about the opportunity to inspire students to become global leaders of tomorrow.