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Why relaxing is an important part of your learning process | コーチブログ | ベリタス(VERITAS)


At Veritas, we value and encourage hard work, because we know that hard work pays off. After each class and day, we congratulate each other with “お疲れ様”. We expect a lot from both our team and our students and we are extremely proud to see them succeed in improving their English skills.  Part of the journey to learning is hard work and perseverance, but that isn’t all it takes.

Hard work doesn’t work alone, you also need to take a step aside to refresh your mind and come back to learn with more determination and focus.

If you only work hard, study hard, and absorb yourself in learning, you will be exhausted fast, and instead of succeeding in the learning marathon, you may risk stumbling near the finish line.

Here are three of the things that I enjoy doing to relax and that you may too!

1. Reading

I am not sure it is a relaxing tip if you are reading something study/work related but what is important is starting to read. Reading has a lot of benefits, it helps you sleep better, learn new words, improve your grammar …

We are very lucky these days, we can read paper books, e-books and even listen to audio books, how amazing is that?

Don’t forget: there are no good or bad books. The only bad book is the one you were interested in but didn’t end up reading.

2. Meditation

At first it seemed to me that it was an unachievable goal. Like a Dalai Lama thing, only for wise and quiet people.

I would say that this is, by far, the thing that requires the least preparation and time. You only need to find a quiet place where you can feel free to just stop and take the time to see what is going on in your brain. You can meditate in a park, on your bed, even at your desk!

Your thoughts may become your worst enemies if they are cluttering up your brain. Meditation is just a way for you to watch them like a movie, and to let them go once the message has been received. Your invading thoughts will slowly but surely become less and less powerful, giving space for what truly matters.

3. Exercising

It took a lot of time for me to realize that our body and mind are allies. Using one may help the other rest. Moving your body releases endorphins, hormones that make you feel good, so… why not benefit from this free happiness?

From hardcore cardio, walking or slow yoga, you can always find a sport that fits your current mood and what your body tells you. Find a sport, any sports, just try what tickles your fancy!

What truly matters is not what you do, it is what makes you feel good in the current moment.
Please, enjoy working hard, and enjoy relaxing even harder!

Veritas Coach

Olivia Fougerais

Olivia was born and raised in the Loire Valley in France, she majored in International and European business law. Passionate about languages and multiculturalism, she decided to take the opportunity to live in Tokyo for a semester as an exchange student in Chuo University. Once back to France, she worked as an in-house legal counsel in contract and business law. Slowly missing living abroad within an international environment, she then decided to build her own opportunity and go back to Japan in a move to become fluent in Japanese. This is when she joined Veritas, feeling highly motivated about the value it creates to its clients and willingness to contribute to the goals of Japanese’s ambitious leaders of tomorrow.