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Borrowing and transforming: Japan’s secret strength | スタッフブログ | ベリタス(VERITAS)

Do you remember this time you helped a student of your class for a test and he ended up getting a better grade than you? Japan is this student and you are the rest of the world. Let me explain:
I’ve always been impressed at Japan’s ability to borrow techniques from abroad and turn them into the best version of themselves.


As a law student I studied a lot of different legal systems, French, American, European but the system that fascinated me the most, was the Japanese system. Surprisingly, I was able to find influence from all over the world concentrated in the legal system of a long island of the Pacific Ocean. The more I dug into Japanese culture the more I found out that these international influences were not only visible in the legal field, but any aspect of Japanese society, writing system, food, religion…

Let’s take Ramen. This beloved typical Japanese dish actually comes from China. But Japanese people took this Chinese noodle soup and turned it into something new, something Japanese, the delicious Ramen recipe we all enjoy all around the country.


Sometimes people from abroad tend to describe Japan as an isolated country without a good understanding its surroundings. It is substantially wrong, Japanese understand abroad systems so well, they built their society on it, and turned it into something great and unique!


Now, if Japan did it for its citizen, you can do it too for your own life! Look at what the others do, get inspiration, learn from them, and adapt their technique to make them your own. It can work for art or food, but also personal life and business. There is no shame in borrowing others’ experience. It can be your strength!

At Veritas, we like to take example with the great leaders of this world, but we never ask our student to copy them. Instead, we lead them to understand how these leaders work and encourage them to adapt these techniques to their own style.


We can all be our unique selves using others’ techniques so let’s all be Japanese and grow together with the help of each other’s success!


Cover image created by Clemence Bigot-Passeleygue

Veritas Coach

Clémence Bigot-Passeleygue

Growing up in a picturesque small city in France, surrounded by nature and castles, Clemence developed a passion for a wide range of subjects. She began her studies in law at university, but her lifelong fascination with Japan, its language, and culture led her to pursue her dream of studying in Tokyo. During her first year of graduate studies, she spent six months studying abroad in Finland. Living alone in a foreign country for the first time, she discovered her aptitude for speaking English and realized the power of being able to communicate with the world through a common language. In her second year of graduate studies, she completed her law thesis at Chuo University in Tokyo and decided to stay longer to learn Japanese as her third language. She eventually became a manager at an international school in Tokyo, where she had the opportunity to lead an international team. Now, as an international coach, using her language and personal skills, she is dedicated to helping Japanese professionals communicate their ideas effectively in English, allowing them to connect with the world on a global level.