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The rainy season has always represented a time of slow preparedness for me.  Just think about it, when the sun is out, we also want to be out.  Sunlight has the ability to ignite action, energize, and awaken, and whether I go outside or stay home on sunny days, I often find it difficult to stay still.

 So, what of the rain?

Well, I believe that it can have an opposite effect.  Not only does the darkness make things gloomier, but it becomes more difficult to get out.  It’s a natural human inclination to want to stay put when you feel like you have to battle the weather, or fight to stay dry.

But having to stay inside more during this season has made me realize that sometimes it’s okay to slow down.  I mean, just think of all that can be accomplished when we have little choice but to sit with ourselves and our thoughts.  I would imagine that many new and innovative ideas have been birthed when people took time away from being so active and stepped into a calmer flow.  We can actually get a lot done.

Recently I read a book about Hygge, the Danish concept of well-being.  Contrary to what I had imagined, the nature of this word isn’t rooted in brightness, high energy, and staying busy, instead it is all about embracing slow and intimate moments to create a sense of coziness and connectedness.  People in Denmark are said to be some of  the happiest people in the world.  Perhaps we could all learn from the art of Hygge.

What will you focus on during this rainy season?  Is there anything you hope to accomplish?  Are there any lingering ideas you want to materialize in the near future?  Whatever you do,  feel free to take on a slower pace. It’s no secret that brighter days will come again.  Let’s all prepare for what we want to be illuminated when they do.

Veritas Coach

Chelsea Branch

Born and raised in Texas, USA, Chelsea from an early age took an interest in learning about people of different cultural backgrounds. After studying International Relations in college, she sought out various opportunities to travel and work in different settings. Inspired by the history and culture of Japan, she decided to move to broaden her career in the summer of 2018. Currently, her hobbies include cooking, hanging out in neat coffee shops, design, and continuing to study Japanese! She loves feeling settled in Japan, spending time with friends, and believes that every moment is a precious opportunity to learn something new.