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The Transformative Power of Personal Stories | スタッフブログ | ベリタス(VERITAS)

“Storytelling is a muscle. And it’s one that we don’t exercise nearly enough.”

In the realm of professional communication, personal stories have the remarkable ability to captivate, connect, and inspire. At Veritas we always emphasize the importance of personal stories and how they can completely transform the message into an unforgettable and persuasive experience. In this blog I would like to share one inspiring example based on the book “Weekend Language,” that proves the importance of personal storytelling in professional contexts.
We often forget that personal stories are not only for “casual conversations” but they carry a big influence in professional communication as well. They possess a unique capacity to engage others on an emotional level, fostering connections that transcend traditional workplace dynamics.

A compelling example of the power of personal storytelling comes from Barack Obama. During his presidency, Obama frequently shared a moving personal story that resonated with people from all walks of life. He recounted his mother’s journey battling cancer and struggling with health insurance issues. By sharing this intimate experience, Obama humanized the complex healthcare debate, making it relatable to millions.

Obama’s personal story brought forth empathy, allowing individuals to grasp the gravity of the issue beyond mere statistics. This narrative transformed a policy discussion into a deeply personal and urgent matter, igniting a sense of collective responsibility and inspiring action.

Some of the key parts of the engaging story include:

Details or Examples – “Concrete details add color and credibility to your message”.
Anecdotes – “What did your customer say? Where were you? What happened? Make us feel like we were there.”
Analogies – “or metaphors lead to real light bulb moments of clarity and understanding.”

By incorporating personal stories into our own professional interactions, we can cultivate empathy, foster understanding, and inspire change. Try integrating your personal story in the next business presentation and see how it creates engaging and memorable experiences, ensuring your message resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

Veritas Coach

Mariia Kovalchuk

Born and raised in a small city of Russia Mariia had bigger dreams of living and working abroad. She knew that English language will open the doors of opportunities so she put a lot of effort into learning the language and soon was admitted into Korea University in Seoul. There she chose to pursue the bachelor of Business Administration conducted in English while also learning Korean language. After graduation Mariia was brought to Japan for an internship where she discovered Veritas. The mission of Veritas to help broaden life opportunities with English language spoke directly to Mariia’s experiences and believes. Here she hopes to inspire and motivate the student as well as her colleagues to not be afraid of the change and live life to the fullest.