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On the 22nd September 2022, Giorgia Meloni was elected the very first woman Prime Minister in Italian history, in my country where for 67 years we had only men in a similar position of power.  Avoiding talking about political sides and beliefs, she is a strong woman capable of having a family and at the same time guiding a country, especially in a time of crisis like now with the war in Ukraine and inflation. So I was inspired by her example and documented more to know who are the women in power today and why they should be taken as a great example for both men and women.

Kamala Harris is another great example of beating a record in a country’s history, this time America’s. She is the first woman vice president and also part of the black community, two things that are important combined together in a country like the United States where black women in charge are not the majority even among the average women in power. She did a great speech when she was elected vice-president, inspiring young women, especially from minorities, to step up have big dreams and think of the women who in the past have paved the path to this moment in history, being proud of them.

Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Walgreens Boot Alliance is a rare case if one considers she is in charge of one of the 500 Fortune companies and she is both black and a woman.  In an interview with Harvard Business Review, she talked about her strategy and vision and how she achieved her role. After having big roles in societies like Starbucks, Walmart and Sam’s Club she moved to Walgreens in the time of pandemic, a difficult time for a pharmaceutical company but she managed thanks to her willpower and clear strategy in knowing well the market she is working into. She said that every time she changed a company she studied deeply its market and features, putting herself initially not in a leadership position but in a “learning position”.

Mary Barry is the CEO of General Motors and it could sound strange that a woman has been in charge of one of the most important automotive companies in the world. We can understand why by looking closely at her leadership style. She values respect and integrity as an important part of leadership, as she said to Refinery29 “[..] you have to be ready to stand up for yourself. But, it should be done in a firm but respectful way. Always remember, respect is earned.” She always counts her employees’ voices as part of her democratic strategy that has saved GM from bankruptcy and increased the company’s value.

We discuss these leaders and their leadership style deeply in class and I hope that these women can inspire everyone and especially women to become more empowered and to take leadership.

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Cristina Raffa

Cristina was born in the hot and sunny Sicily, an island in the South of Italy. She graduated in Foreign languages and literature and her interest is currently focused on Japanese language and culture. After many study trips to the UK, she decided to move there for a period of time and improve her English. When she came back to Italy, she started to teach English and Italian to students from children to adults, wanting to put in practice what she had learned in university. Focusing on her Japanese, she did an exchange study programme at Meiji University in Japan, where she discovered Veritas and its unique programme.
Here she can follow her passion and love for teaching and grow as a person thanks to her experience as a coach, improving her skills by focusing on the students and their progress.
With the help of a strong and united team, at Veritas she has the opportunity to inspire people and guide them to become global leaders of tomorrow.