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The Power of Laughter will make you memorable! | スタッフブログ | ベリタス(VERITAS)

Humor, they say, is the best medicine. However, I also do think that its healing powers extend beyond laughter alone. Humor, when skillfully woven into speeches, has the ability to captivate audiences, make messages memorable, and establish a genuine connection with listeners.

Let me be more specific by sharing some examples sharing how using humor at a good timing can make you memorable!


Breaking Barriers with Laughter

Humor possesses the remarkable ability to break down barriers and create an instant connection with the audience. When a speaker lightens the atmosphere with a well-placed joke or a humorous story, they invite their listeners to let their guard down. The shared experience of laughter enables the speaker to establish rapport and create an open space for communication. But it’s not only that: another good point is that humor sticks as the world’s best glue in people’s mind! The core ideas of your message can resonate long after the speech is over.
I remember when I was selected as the main facilitator at my Graduate School for introducing a well-known Japanese novelist to an audience of about 60 students. I was very stressed about speaking in public and – shame on me! – in my anxiety I kept saying the wrong name for the main character in the new novel published by the author: I said many times “Satoshi” instead of “Satoru”. The novelist nicely let me notice my mistake in front of everyone and I promptly said “Oh, so sorry. I guess I have played too many Pokémon games…” (The main character in the Pokémon series is called, in fact, Satoshi). It was a bit embarrassing for me at the time, but when I got in touch with the novelist some years later, she still remembered my joke and asked if I was still into Pokémon. Definitely, I made an impression on her!


Lightening Heavy Topics: Humor as a Softener

Inevitably, some speeches tackle sensitive or weighty topics. Humor, when used thoughtfully, can serve as a softening agent, easing tension and enabling a more receptive environment for important discussions. It allows the audience to process difficult subjects while providing moments of relief, preventing overwhelming emotions from shadowing the underlying message.

Here at Veritas one of the most loved speeches is the famous “Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish” by Steve Jobs. In his third story, he shared with the audience about the discover of his first pancreatic cancer by saying “I didn’t even know what a pancreas was”. This very relatable humor helps in making the scary “death” topic less heavy for the audience, while also contributing to create an unforgettable speech that connects deeply with people.


From now on, I hope everyone can find his or her own personal way to strike into an audience – of course, in a figurative way!

Veritas Coach

Giulia Luzzo

Giulia was born and raised in a small town in Italy, but from a young age, she became captivated by foreign cultures and languages. Starting with reading manga as a child, she started being mesmerized by the unique art style and stories. As her interest deepened into reading American and Japanese contemporary literature, she decided to pursue her dream and enrolled in a language program at a university in Italy to study deeper both English and Japanese. During her studies she had the opportunity of living abroad several times in Ireland and Japan, finding that being able to communicate with different people in different languages made the interactions much more enjoyable and memorable. After completing her Master of Arts in Translation she moved permanently to Tokyo to master the language while working as a freelance translator of Japanese contemporary novels. Here she found Veritas and felt inspired by its mission. Working as an international coach represents a fulfilling opportunity that combines her passion for language and culture with her desire to help others understand the importance of effective communication in today’s globalized world.